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Your Ship

You and your ship mates will initially take command of either a pre-defined ship or a totally new design created by yourselves. Each ship has a number of weapons points, user-configurable rooms, shield generators etc. 

The predefined ships will consist of the following choices:
- Combat Heavy Cruiser (Good Weapons and Shields, Poor Science)
- Defense Heavy Cruiser (Good Shields and Engineering, Poor Weapons)
- Science Heavy Cruiser (Good Science and Engineering, Poor Weapons)
- Medical Heavy Cruiser (Good Medical and Shields, Poor Weapons)
- Standard Heavy Cruiser (Average everything)

By upgrading sub systems, re-configuring rooms and training crew members each ship can be customized to suit the playing teams desired style.

The links on the right hand side of this page describe each of the ships systems.

We wanted to make this a sand-box for sci-fi fans. We will introduce technologies from all genres so that fans can create any sort of ship they want.

There is no theoretical limit on ship size - though the processing power of your computer may eventually become a restriction. Certainly ships well over a kilometer long with hundreds of decks hav been built during the development stage of the software.

Each player will walk through the ship in first person mode, interacting with the ship itself via the computer terminals. As part of our development we built a Galaxy Class Cruiser (USS Enterprise-D). A Galaxy class ship is massive and will take a long time to walk around. Players can divide up the ship as they see fit and decorate them to their own style.

If players outgrow their ship they can expand it, build new ships or take over control of other ships within the sector.