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Main Computer Core

The main computer core is heavily integrated into almost all of the ships systems. Disabling it will knock most of them offline. For this reason it is very heavily shielded.

Another function of the main computer core is to provide access to the Federation database. For reasons of security (in-case the ship should fall into empire hands) all records of the Federation and it's neighboring civilizations have been wiped from ships entering the Rift. The database is being re-populated with data on the ships, species and planets encountered in the Rift. This database can be updated by any player and is available to all other Federation ships within the Rift. Note: The database can only be updated while the Subsapace Communications link is operational. 

All Federation vessels have access to the Federation database. This allows bridge officers to type in names and search the database. It can also be used to retrieve information from the scanners. For example if a planet is on the scanner the user has the option of pulling up the Federation Database for that planet. The same goes for targeted ships. For instance, If a particular ship type is identified on the scanner, the operator could pull up a Federation Database record that shows any known weaknesses (such as that it has poor manouverability).

Power Requirements

The main computer core requires 2MW of power all of the time that it is online.