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The Amenthes

Also called the Duat, the Amenthes are a vastly technologically superior race to the Raman Empire. They do not recognise the Empire as an independent state, but also have no interest in dealing with (or conflicting with) the Empire. Their ships travel at very high warp through Raman space to destinations far outwith the Empires knowledge.

The Ramans understand that the Amenthes are content to ignore them, and early attempts at stopping the Amenthes ships have proved to the Ramans that doing so is futile.

The Amenthes technology is tens of thousands of years in advance of the Ramans. There has never been any direct communication between the two, so much so that even the name Amenthes is simply what the Ramans have named them - they have no knowledge of the races true name. 

Amethes technology allows for the folding of localised space. i.e. They are often much bigger on the inside. This means that Amenthes ships are usually very small on the outside (a few cubic meters) but huge on the inside.