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Security personnel can be assigned different roles dependent on the alert status of the ship. It is important to guard critical ship systems in case the ship is boarded. In such instances Security teams can also be used to hunt and intercept intruders.

When not being utilized for defense, security personnel can be beamed directly onto enemy ships to gather intelligence, sabotage or hijack the vessel. 

Security personnel can also be used to fly shuttles and fighters on combat missions or to defend the ship. Each can be assigned general orders (such as "Defend the ship"), or more specific tasks (such as "Intercept and destroy all incoming missiles").

When not being in combat, security personnel can be trained in various skill sets which will directly reflect the efficiency of the ship.

These skill sets are:
- Shuttlecraft piloting
- Close quarter combat
- Sabotage
- Stealth and intelligence gathering
- Large ship weapons and targeting