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The Seth

The Seth are the strong arm enforcers of the Empire. They are fiercely loyal to the Children of Ra and worship them as messengers of the god Ra. From an early age the Seth are indoctrinated with the belief that it is disloyal to question the Children of Ra, and that any such disloyalty must be punished by death. 

Physically the Seth stand about 2.5 metres tall. Their faces resemble dogs and they have dark blue skin. They have been genetically bred for millenia by the Ramans to enhance their strength and eliminate all independent thought.

Although the Ramans could police the Empire with their combat suits they would much rather leave such a mundane task to the Seth. Large numbers of Seth can be found on all of the worlds of the Empire, where they serve as religion and law enforcement.

Their homeworld, around the sun Seth, was one of the first conquered by the Children of Ra where the Ramans did not wipe out the indigenous species. The Children of Ra quickly saw the uses for the primitive Seth and allowed them to stay on the landmasses of the world, while they populated the seas. The Seth never developed technologies of their own and were equipped by the Ramans with weapons and space ships to carry out their bidding.