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Ships Gravity

Gravity is variable from 0g (weightlessness) to 10g (a 100kg man would “weigh” 1,000kg). It can be varied for any of the decks and sections on the ship. For the sake of argument most humanoids will function fine at anywhere between 0.5g and 1.5g. Movement will be improved by lower g and slowed by higher g. Changing the g values on deck sections could aid your own security and engineering teams and increasing the g value could be used to slow down enemy boarding parties.

We do know which sections of the ship crew members are in when they are working on (engineering) or guarding (security) ships systems. Reducing the g below 0.9 will slow down work based on the following formula.

Percentage Decrease in Efficiency = (0.9-g)*10

Therefore in 0g there would be a 9% increase in the amount of time to complete any given task. If you think tasks would be quicker, think about trying to tighten a bolt when you have no purchase.

Increasing the gravity over 1.1 g will also cause a reduction in efficiency (due to the extra weight involved). The formula for this is:

Percentage Decrease in Efficiency = (g-1.1) * 30.

So at 10g each task would take 267% longer to complete.

Power Requirements

To maintain a 1g gravity over all of the ships decks requires 1MW per 100 square meters. Reducing the gravity to 0.5g will drop the power requirement to 0.5MW. Setting the gravity to 5g increases the usage to 5MW.